Mega Yachts

Do you need an agent to attend to your Mega Yacht, in Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao ? We are big on service, no matter what size your yacht is !


As a matter of fact, our Islands are becoming increasingly popular for these types of ships, in view of our favorable weather conditions and because of a wide variety of activities on the Islands (cultural experience, diving & beaches, dining, historic sites, etc. Please see the One Happy Island website at for more info).


Not to forget, Aruba’s Immigration & Customs departments are well organized, making crew & passenger embarkation/disembarkation -by yacht or aircraft- quite easy and spares transfers & deliveries are effected on the same day as they arrive. Also, in case of lay up, or just a longer stay-over, Aruba is your ideal location (we are located outside of the Hurricane Belt).


Are you ready for some fun ? Contact Caribbean Port Agencies’ Mega Yacht service team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.